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Data Soft Delivery Model

Data Soft has developed an effective and cost-conscious solutions delivery model that combines the benefits of local engagement, high-level solution definition and design onshore with solution execution using highly skilled and trained talent offshore in India. The model recommends a hybrid team structure comprising domain expertise and system designers embedded locally within client teams working with developers and technical team leads offshore. Coupled with an Agile development approach, this model provides for a highly efficient solution delivery framework that allows for flexible and rapid solution development.

The Data Soft’s onshore team consists of domain SMEs, Application Architects and Senior Engineering Managers working within Client project/ program teams to capture business requirements and solution specifications. Further, they completely research client Development Methodology, Change and Configuration Management processes and provide a single node of communication for the Data Soft’s offshore teams. This hybrid model helps abstract the challenges of managing teams across time zones and cultural differences.

The offshore teams are managed by Technical Managers with the right blend of domain expertise and technical proficiency. They engage with the Data Soft Onsite team and client managers to accept solution specifications and agree on success criteria definition for each phase of an iterative development approach. The Offshore team contains the bulk of the development and solution execution resources. The team works closely using best-in-class Agile practices and Test-Driven Development methodologies, including Automated Unit Case execution frameworks to produce artifacts of high quality with complete fidelity to business requirements.

All development artifacts are then integrated by the Data Soft Onsite team and deployed with the Client’s Configuration Management systems. This team provides build assistance and further conducts its own integration testing. The solution is deployed in a UAT environment where client managers confirm the viability of the solution. The cycle repeats itself until full acceptance sign-off.

The Data Soft team works closely with client IT resources to deliver the solution into production and assist with post production incidence management and product stabilization. Document development is shared by onsite and offshore team to deliver highly traceable and upto- date product documentation to the client. The model consists of metrics based reporting on a weekly basis with daily reports on development progress and developer productivity.

The model also lends itself to postproduction application monitoring and support engagements. Data Soft onsite Support Managers provide a single conduit to accept, scope, prioritize and schedule Change Requests. Change execution, validation and testing is performed offshore, with Release Management and User Validation